In 2013, Acústica World Music released their first album, Cuatro Vidas. It is already bringing in great reviews and selling briskly. Information about this debut CD can be found below, as well as streaming songs and lyrics. The CD is available online from, iTunes, and CD Baby. You can get a limited edition, autographed copy through our Shop, as well. Get yours now!

Track List
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1. Amor Di Mundo
2. Piel Canela
3. Sous Le Ciel de Paris
4. Historia Do Samba
5. Cuatro Vidas
6. Mas Que Nada
7. La Vie En Rose
8. O Barquinho
9. Il Condor
10. Frenesi
11. Whatever Lola Wants

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Dolores Villareal: Lead Vocals, Percussion
John Orr: Guitars, Vocals
Dave Ambrose: Bass
Matt Crichton: Percussion
Ray Coffey: (Guest) Saxophone, Flute

Produced by Acústica World Music
Recorded by Dave Gager, Bentrabbit Multimedia Studios Engineered and Mastered by Dave Gager and Dolores Villareal

©2013 All Rights Reserved. All songs released under compulsory licensing from RightsFlow.

Acústica World Music Demo Video

Acústica Logo for video by Jeremiah St. James; Video by Bentrabbit Multimedia Studios

In addition to the online stores above, you can also find Cuatro Vidas in Portland at Music Millennium.

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