Dolores Villareal was born into a family which birthed generations of musicians. “I come from a long line of musicians, but most definitely, my father, Edward Villareal, influenced me musically in many ways. His first love was always music. He played guitar, bass, drums and some piano and played in several bands ranging from Mexican music to Dixieland jazz (in addition to working a very full-time job, raising a family and being a model citizen). He served as a worship leader at church every Sunday for years, playing his 12-string Mexican guitar. He bought one of my first albums, which was all in French, then bought my first guitar and taught me how to play my first chords. He was always one of my biggest fans. He will always be a major part of what I’m doing musically.” Dolores' mother also bought her various albums and witnessed how Dolores needed no supervision as she was busy singing and building her musical talent as a young child.

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Dolores started leading worship in middle school once a week and from there joined in glee clubs, choirs and eventually was in high school musicals being cast in Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man and Mame at her alma mater, Loretto High School in Sacramento, California. She later participated in other variety shows in Sacramento such as 'Best of Broadway' and later auditioned in San Francisco for a off Broadway shows. As a young twenty-something, she took guitar lessons from Stuart Walthall and soon thereafter formed a band with her then partner, Jon Spivack, called, "Take Two". They were often accompanied by flute and bass at various local venues within the Sacramento area and the genre of music included jazz standards, light rock and acoustic favorites. Dolores and Jon also wrote jingles for a local radio station and later had a jazz show on KYDS.

Thereafter, Dolores mostly performed as a soloist, and in duos and trios at various churches throughout the Los Angeles area. Most notably, she performed weekly with some of the best musicians in the world at her church in Pasadena, including, Caleb Quaye, Elton John's original guitarist as well as world renowned bassist, Abraham Laboriel.

Soon after moving to Oregon permanently in August, 2010, she immediately met up with local musicians who found out she was a vocalist. At the time, Dolores felt it was not something she would be doing again, and even told these musician's that she, "used to sing." But her musical roots ran deep and in no time, she was inspired, ironically, after attending, 'Talking Tombstones' in October 2010. Talking Tombstones is a yearly event held at a local cemetery on Halloween whereby Historical Society actors put on costumes and bring to life those pioneers from the past that lived in and around Astoria, Oregon. It was then that Dolores learned that the Pacific Northwest was inhabited by people from various parts of the world and most did not speak English. Thus, she had the idea that she could bring back to life, through music and native language, the historical and cultural inheritance that existed and which still exists in this part of the world. With a degree in Spanish, she soon thereafter started gathering vintage music from various parts of the world and started studying and learning Portuguese, Italian, French, Cape Verde Creole all while studying for an additional degree at George Fox University in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Thus Acústica World Music was conceived in late 2010 and birthed in 2011. Dolores started performing regularly during the latter part of 2011 and Acústica soon became known as an up-and-coming band in the Pacific Northwest. In September, 2012, she added Finnish to the repertoire after being approached by the musical director for the Astoria Scandinavian Festival in June 2012. She studied Finnish at Clatsop Community College during the Fall of 2012 and attained enough pronunciation to perform half dozen songs in Finnish for the Scan Fest in June 2013. "The Finnish language has been one of the most challenging languages by far, but I fell in love with the culture, traditions, food and the people!"

Dolores has continued listening to and learning other languages including Swedish, Farsi, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Gaelic, and has recently been approached about learning a song in Russian for a special event. Acústica desires to inspire the younger generation to learn about world music, as well bringing back some nostalgia for the young at heart. The world beat and rhythms is an infectious sound which crosses the borders of the hearts of people of all ages!

The love of learning new languages, cultural musical rhythms and broadening the scope of musical discoveries continues for Acústica.

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