Dolores Villareal
Multi-Lingual Vocalist, Percussionist, Songwriter

Ms. Villareal’s first musical exposure started with her father and his cohort of musical friends who played Mexican music with instruments such as the marimba, guitar, drums, maracas, guido, and other latin percussion. At a very early age, her father gave her one of her first albums, which was in French and thus, seeds for world music were planted. Later, she and her brother, David Villareal, learned guitar first through their father, and later, she studied guitar under Stuart Walthall while David studied under Gordon Walthall. As a young person, she performed in a myriad of musicals, choirs, glee clubs and eventually at private weddings. At 17, she learned to sing in Swahili. In her early 20’s, she formed a musical duo with her then partner called, "Take Two" in Sacramento, California. At that time, she performed predominately jazz standards in restaurants, pubs, and special events. It wasn’t until after her grandmother passed away that she felt a desire to perform in Spanish and cut her teeth on learning traditional mariachi music (to the amazement of her father). She studied voice under Margaret Keane in Pasadena for several years until Ms. Keane’s passing. From 1995-2006, Ms. Villareal was honored to be accompanied by some of the greatest musicians in the United States such as Caleb Quaye (Elton John's original guitarist), Abraham Laboriel and Justo Almario while attending her church in Pasadena.

With a degree in Spanish, she has formed Acústica with local musicians on the Oregon coast. She started compiling her unique repertoire of world music in December 2010 and has acquired sufficient pronunciation and some grammar in Portuguese, Italian, Cape Verde Creole, French and most recently, Finnish in order to sing in those languages as well.

Some of her musical influences include a diverse group including, Eva Ayllón, Flora Purim, Susana Baca, Ruben Blades, Caetano Veloso, Dalida, Abraham Laboriel, Los Tres Reyes, Celia Cruz, Sergio Mendes, Lila Downs, Edith Piaf, Chavela Vargas, Jobim, Juliet Greco, Maria De Barros, Mariza, Maria Dolores Pradera, Joyce, Carola, and Césaria Évora.

John Orr
Guitars, Vocals

John has played music professionally on an intermittent basis for more than 30 years. John has a strong musical foundation in jazz, rock, bluegrass, and country & western. Since he has a natural command, knowledge and proficiency with multiple musical genres, John is currently thriving during the process of learning the diversity of world rhythms. He is energetic, passionate and sold-out about with the romance and excitement of the Acústica World Music repertoire. "I have always loved world music. At one time I hosted a program on Astoria's local radio station, KMUN, called, 'World Beat' which featured international music."

John is thrilled to participate in this unique musical group and describes it as an adventure. "To be able to play this music is simply wonderful! It is a pleasure to practice, perform and create music with Dolores, Dave and Matt." The audience responds well to the sound, energy, and environment of Acústica, which is due in part to the fact that we are fun and are having fun at what we do!

Dave Ambrose

Dave has been playing stringed instruments for the last 20 years. He enjoys playing the upright bass and has been playing the Oregon coast with various musical groups including Acústica and Swing Cats.

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